Become a sought
after industry name
in just 4 hours a month

All-inclusive LinkedIn account management for B2Bs and influencers:
Be a magnet for best-fit clients and employees, without losing 25-40 hours per month.

Welcome to the revolution

Why stay small?

We believe all companies can expand beyond limits and pursue bold, logic-defying goals. And we’re bringing our vision to brands worldwide. In today’s market, lasting relationships, solid collaborations, and meaningful exposure are what fuel success.

Specializing in

Small to midsize B2B companies

Recruiters for large sales-based organizations

Buyers looking to connect with large companies

Marketing agencies looking to outsource

B2B influencers seeking to grow their audience

Stuck chasing the sale?

Too many companies invest too much in the wrong goals

We’ve seen it time and again. Great marketing teams with a solid offer get stuck chasing the next small win instead of daring to pursue big, audacious goals. They pin themselves down to:

The next sale

The next lead

The next recruit

And then they do it again. And again. Until they retire.
Lacking the time to do it right?

Other companies have the vision, but lack the resources

Savvier companies know that the marketing-for-direct-sales model is passé. They know that in the 21st century, successful businesses need both a personal and professional presence online. But they also know what it takes. And it takes a lot.

Trusted by big-minded brands around the world

If you’re tired of wasting time on ice cold leads, you’re not alone.
Let us take you further, faster.

Let us help you

Grow beyond limits
in a fraction of the time

We strategically manage your brand’s image and nurture rapport with relevant connections. Unlock the potential of LinkedIn
to generate influence, create opportunity, and cultivate brand recognition, authority and industry leadership.

Develop meaningful


Speed up your
sales process

Attract better

Grow your

Build your

Insider info

So, what’s the secret sauce?

Joel Freund, founder at Fluex Media, shares how to dig deep on LinkedIn using the CAVES approach

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From Our Clients

Where will increased brand
recognition take you?

New to LinkedIn?

See meaningful results within 90 days.

1 Do you value vanity metrics like “number of DMs sent” and “connections made?” Neither do we. We love numbers, but we only focus on stats that matter. Like these. Within the first 3 months of a new account, you’ll have:

  • 3,000+ strategic connections
  • 1,000+ profile views per 90 days
  • 1,000 views per post (average)
  • 30 engagements per post (average)

Seasoned LinkedIn user?

Look away and know that it’s all being done. Well.

1 You’ve spent tireless hours building up a devoted following. Fluex will seamlessly step in and manage your account with utmost wisdom, sensitivity, and care. We’ll use your momentum to catapult you forward, while saving your tens of hours per month.

  • 50 engagements per post (average)

The rules of the marketing game are changing.

The #1 B2B marketing platform

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the number one platform for B2B marketing. With 756MM active users across all industries, the power is there, for those who know how to use it.


LinkedIn has 756MM active users


Each LinkedIn connection introduces you to 400 new people


89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their primary social media channel


80% of LinkedIn members drive business decisions


57MM companies are listed on LinkedIn


50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to make their sales decisions


LinkedIn has 2x the buying power of average web audiences


LinkedIn is the #1 platform for Fortune 500 companies and for B2B marketing

The direct route to long-term growth

The shortest route from where you are to where you want to be

Anyone can slap a LinkedIn profile up and hope for the best, or outsource fragments of their social media management. But for visionaries who are serious about growth, other solutions fall short.


Recycling from other social platforms

LinkedIn requires time and unique strategy. Unlike with Facebook or Instagram, shortcuts like paid ads and random content dropping simply don’t work.


Using a LinkedIn lead gen service

Leads = a small amount of direct sales. A warm, engaged audience + authority in your industry = consistent revenue in the long run. You can do the math.


Working with a LinkedIn coach

Even with the best coach, you still need to write your content and engage consistently. A hefty time investment.


Hiring a copywriter

Yes, you’ll save time on writing posts, but that’s about it. Content often doesn’t sound authentic and doesn’t maximize LinkedIn’s potential.
Let’s break it down

How it works

Our simple yet powerful process is designed to maintain every iota of your unique personality and authentic voice.



We get to know your unique voice and personality. Then we match you with the best-fit copywriter and set up your personal and professional profiles. You get a custom LinkedIn strategy brief.



We meet weekly for you to approve posts and respond to content prompts. We post 5x/week, nurture 15-30 targeted prospects daily, engage and comment every single day, and secure 1 rec per month
from your clients.



You get a monthly email report tracking increased followers and profile views, and other relevant metrics. We also meet quarterly for 30 minutes to review results and update strategy for upcoming months.

Why the Fluex package is the supreme choice:


So many LinkedIn service providers; so few do it all. Coaches guide you, copywriters write posts, agencies repurpose content – but when you need to get the maximum out of LinkedIn and do it right, you need the Fluex package: research, custom strategy, profiles, posting, engaging, networking, testimonials, reporting – it’s all included in the no-commitment monthly fee.


Our proven strategy is customized according to your industry, goals, and current LinkedIn presence, and is reviewed and updated quarterly based on your results. Best of all? No vague jargon – your strategy is clearly laid out on a shared doc, including the exact stats we’re aiming for on your account by the end of the quarter.


You want a completely done-for-you service – but that usually means being okay with generic content that doesn’t work. You want to be authentically ‘you’ and share real value – but that typically means investing 30 hours a month in brainstorming, writing, posting, and engaging. Enter the Fluex process: in just 1 hour a week, you share your expertise and unique insights. Then we build and maintain a thriving LinkedIn presence all week long while you keep building your empire.

From Our Clients

Strategic investment in
your long-term success

More reasons
you’ll love working with us

0% automated

Every communication is 100% written and sent by a real person. People smell AI a mile away.

Robust blend of skills

Our unique mix of business and people skills means you have all your bases covered.

Strategic process

We use a vetted process to outline goals, relevant content prompts, and people to connect with.

Measurable results

We’re only concerned with meaningful metrics that will advance your business.

Your authentic voice

Our signature collaboration process ensures all communications sound exactly like you.

Full-scope services

End-to-end service including research, strategy, posts, comments, connection requests, and more.

Maximum results. Minimum time.
Zero compromise.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Joel Freund

Founder & CEO

More than just a founding visionary, Joel plays an active role in running Fluex. His natural knack for leadership combined with his business and marketing know-how make him uniquely suited to his post. He empowers both his staff and clients to become great leaders in their own right. His greatest professional joy? Helping business owners overcome their challenges and become independently successful — he’s proudest when they no longer need him!

Playing music, building communities, and donating kidneys. 🙂

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Rachel Grunbaum

CMO & Growth Strategist

Rachel G. is the mastermind behind all things marketing and growth at Fluex. She constantly seeks out new sales and partnership opportunities while refining and tweaking existing channels. Rachel ensures everything Fluex puts into the world is deeply aligned with the company’s mission and values. Her proudest professional accomplishments are (1) raising over £1,000,000 for charity in her previous role as a grant writer, (2) building her own business from $0 to 6 figures in 18 months using LinkedIn, and (3) being entrusted with the emails of a Forbes-listed corporation with 600,000+ subscribers.

Watching a good history documentary while snacking on Darrell Lea pomegranate-flavored licorice. 😋

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Sury Tauber

COO & “Everythingist”

Sury oversees Fluex’s operations to a tee, from the smallest detail to the largest. With her unique blend of people skills, technical capability, and self-motivation, Sury is the quiet but tireless force tending to the millions of moving pieces and behind-the-scenes aspects of Fluex’s famously efficient operations. It’s her relentless dedication that enables Fluex’s robust roster of employees and contractors to focus single-mindedly on doing their best work and delivering the best possible experience and results to clients.

Reading weekly publications, and listening to Beethoven’s 5th. 🎵

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Rachel Friedlander

Director Of Business Development & Brand Voice Specialist

The multi-talented Rachel F. plays a double role at Fluex: She both leads their business development efforts and manages back-end setup of clients’ LinkedIn accounts – spearheading the research stage, creating unique brand voice guidelines, overseeing profile development, and crafting a personalized LinkedIn strategy for each client. Her secret superpowers include translating industry jargon into understandable human terms and capturing a client’s authentic personality in words. Rachel is also a certified copywriter and Codex Persona brand voice specialist with a decade of experience in the business development industry.

Reading. And writing poetry. And reading some more. 📚

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Shlomo Friedman


A former social media skeptic, Shlomo converted after experiencing tremendous success on LinkedIn with Fluex – before it even had a name! – and soon joined the company as a partner. Shlomo is the big-picture thinker at Fluex, using his extensive business experience and contagious enthusiasm to drive sustainable growth. His passion and vision continue to shape Fluex into an agile, fast-growing, and highly-regarded company that is pioneering a new approach to personal branding for executives.

Traveling, trying new things, or engaged in spirited debate with anyone about anything. 🙂

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