Bottom line is… the last line of your post matters. A lot.
How to do it wrong – and right (with examples)

You already know about the importance of a scroll-stopping opening line on your LinkedIn posts.

But how much attention are you paying to your closing line?

If you do the opening line well, your post gets more views.

If you do the closing line well, your post gets more engagement... which leads to even more views.

Your closing line should:

– Can you relate?

– Makes sense?

– What do you say?

– What would you add?

– What/who would you advise?

– What’s your best tip?

Your Closing line should not:

– What was your biggest childhood trauma?

– Do you feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids?

– Are you embarrassed about the way you once handled an employee who messed up?

– Tell me about your onboarding process.

– How has your leadership style evolved over the years?

– In which situations do you think team culture and productivity are most closely connected?


Avoid double questions – they take too many brain calories to answer. – Do you also take this approach? At which point in your career did you adopt this? – Do you agree? Are there any situations you believe are exceptions? – How often do you do this? Has this changed as you’ve become more experienced?

ONE MORE TIP: Use a statement instead of a question occasionally to make a strong point.

Some great conversation-generating closing lines: