From no social presence to onboarding 5 major accounts in 10 months

The client


Shtiks is an ecommerce fulfillment outlet with warehouses around the US. Avi Wieder, Director of Sales and Marketing, realized an opportunity for growth as COVID exploded ecommerce all over the world. 

The problem

Learning to play by new marketing rules

 Like other businesses, Shtiks realized quickly during COVID that they would have to make some changes if they wanted to stay ahead. Traditional sales and marketing were rapidly becoming obsolete, and Avi understood that social media was the way forward.

 But with no time to invest and zero existing social presence, Avi was skeptical he’d see significant return from traditional LinkedIn use. He turned to Fluex for help.

The solution

Human connection first, expertise second

 Since Avi was starting with no presence, our initial goal was to introduce him to the LinkedIn world on a personal level. Although Avi is of a more reserved nature, we prompted him with directed questions around personal challenges, goals, and insights. Together, we came up with content he felt comfortable with, in a voice that stayed true to who he was.

 With consistent posting and engagement, Avi soon built up a devoted, engaged following.

We then shifted to our second goal: building authority and industry-specific appeal. On our weekly calls, we used narrower prompts and Avi began to share his expertise in a way that built trust and authority with his audience.

The result

Five new major accounts in ten months and a religiously devoted following.

“I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!”

Over the past ten months, I’ve onboarded five new clients thanks to LinkedIn. And in my line, that’s a lot. These are big companies that need hundreds of thousands of square feet to store their goods. It’s amazing how things are going, how it’s happening. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Avi Wieder
Director of Sales and Marketing, Shtiks

Get in front of key players, decision makers, and senior influencers in your industry.

Joel Freund

Founder & CEO

More than just a founding visionary, Joel plays an active role in running Fluex. His natural knack for leadership combined with his business and marketing know-how make him uniquely suited to his post. He empowers both his staff and clients to become great leaders in their own right. His greatest professional joy? Helping business owners overcome their challenges and become independently successful — he’s proudest when they no longer need him!

Playing music, building communities, and donating kidneys. 🙂

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Rachel Grunbaum

CMO & Growth Strategist

Rachel G. is the mastermind behind all things marketing and growth at Fluex. She constantly seeks out new sales and partnership opportunities while refining and tweaking existing channels. Rachel ensures everything Fluex puts into the world is deeply aligned with the company’s mission and values. Her proudest professional accomplishments are (1) raising over £1,000,000 for charity in her previous role as a grant writer, (2) building her own business from $0 to 6 figures in 18 months using LinkedIn, and (3) being entrusted with the emails of a Forbes-listed corporation with 600,000+ subscribers.

Watching a good history documentary while snacking on Darrell Lea pomegranate-flavored licorice. 😋

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Sury Tauber

COO & “Everythingist”

Sury oversees Fluex’s operations to a tee, from the smallest detail to the largest. With her unique blend of people skills, technical capability, and self-motivation, Sury is the quiet but tireless force tending to the millions of moving pieces and behind-the-scenes aspects of Fluex’s famously efficient operations. It’s her relentless dedication that enables Fluex’s robust roster of employees and contractors to focus single-mindedly on doing their best work and delivering the best possible experience and results to clients.

Reading weekly publications, and listening to Beethoven’s 5th. 🎵

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Rachel Friedlander

Director Of Business Development & Brand Voice Specialist

The multi-talented Rachel F. plays a double role at Fluex: She both leads their business development efforts and manages back-end setup of clients’ LinkedIn accounts – spearheading the research stage, creating unique brand voice guidelines, overseeing profile development, and crafting a personalized LinkedIn strategy for each client. Her secret superpowers include translating industry jargon into understandable human terms and capturing a client’s authentic personality in words. Rachel is also a certified copywriter and Codex Persona brand voice specialist with a decade of experience in the business development industry.

Reading. And writing poetry. And reading some more. 📚

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Shlomo Friedman


A former social media skeptic, Shlomo converted after experiencing tremendous success on LinkedIn with Fluex – before it even had a name! – and soon joined the company as a partner. Shlomo is the big-picture thinker at Fluex, using his extensive business experience and contagious enthusiasm to drive sustainable growth. His passion and vision continue to shape Fluex into an agile, fast-growing, and highly-regarded company that is pioneering a new approach to personal branding for executives.

Traveling, trying new things, or engaged in spirited debate with anyone about anything. 🙂

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