How often should you post on LinkedIn?
Hint: more often than you think

Isn’t posting every day overkill? Won’t it look like I’m bored or out of a job?

We get this question a lot when we advise daily posting.

The answer has two parts:

Be seen by the right people

It only comes across as overkill to people who spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, the people who scroll every day for hours. They will see your post every day and have those doubts about you having a ‘real’ business.

But those people are not usually in your target market, they are not the people you need to be seen by, so their perception isn’t important. Yes, you need their views and engagement to boost your visibility, but that is not the reason you’re on LinkedIn.

You want to be seen by serious business people.

Those people usually only check in every few days, so if you post every day you have a better chance of your content being seen by them when they do come on.

Incidentally, the engagement from the daily scrollers (who are not in your target market) is helping your content spread, pushing it into the feeds of people who are in your target market.

Feed the algorithm

The algorithm favors content creators who post consistently. It takes time to build a good relationship with the algorithm, which is a big part of LinkedIn strategy. We’ve tested posting twice a week, three times a week, and daily has brought the best results.

A client once asked us to reduce posting frequency to twice a week. His profile views (the main indicator of success) dropped down to half immediately.

In conclusion

Is daily posting overkill? Not if you block out the feedback from people who are not in your target market, focus on what brings real results, and trust a proven process.