How to create valuable,
scroll-stopping LinkedIn posts

…even if you’re not a writer (like me)

I have many talents, but writing isn’t one of them. The craft doesn’t interest or excite me.
Unlike Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is a text-dominated platform. Even if you have amazing graphics or videos, you need it to go along with text for the algorithm to pick it up. groups for different topics!

This is how I've been creating content for years:

TIP: create a WhatsApp group with your partner or friend; then remove them from the group. You now have a place to record any thoughts as they come up. You can even have separate groups for different topics!

– Add a scroll-stopping opening line
– Format with spaces/emojis/bullet points
– Add a question at the end to increase engagement
– Add 3 popular, relevant hashtags


Keep a list of post topics/ideas as you think of them. When you want to create a post, just pick one, record your thoughts, and follow this process. looking forward to seeing your content!

That’s all there is to it. I’m looking forward to seeing your content!