Is it too late to build an audience on LinkedIn?
Scroll through your feed for the answer

Scroll through LinkedIn.

Most of the posts are:

– Ads

– Inspirational quotes

– People hitting follower milestones

– Pictures of their children’s birthdays

I’m not the LinkedIn police, and I’m not joining the this-isn’t-Facebook brigade.

But to anyone who says LinkedIn is too crowded and it’s too late to build a following now, I say this:

There isn't a lot of competition for good content.

I have over 18,000 followers. Less than 10% of them post regularly. Even fewer post content that is valuable and engaging to business owners.

How to stand out?

Share your journey. Talk about what you’re learning, what you’ve tried, what’s working, what you’re aiming towards, what you’re struggling with. Consistently share your expertise and experiences, and your posts will stand out.

You'll build a following. I guarantee it.

This posting springboard can help you keep your content varied, valuable, and engaging: