Is LinkedIn worth investing in
As always, it depends. What are your goals?

It’s funny to hear reactions from people when they hear what we do at Fluex Media.

 The ones from people who haven’t logged on to LinkedIn for 5 years or more are the best.

“Yeah, my nephew put up a profile for me at one point. I think it’s still there.”

“It’s like, for recruiters, right?”

“We posted some articles here and there. A long time ago. Don’t think anything came of it.”

“Oh, you saw my profile? I didn’t even know it was still there!”

“I think some of our employees are on. We copy/paste our Instagram posts onto LinkedIn sometimes.”

NEWSFLASH: LinkedIn is not about online resumes anymore.

Today it’s morphed into a networking event that never closes its doors. It’s all about branding, building relationships, and starting conversations. The people and companies who are active on LinkedIn specific goals – and yes, they can all be achieved on LinkedIn with strategy and consistency.

Common goals include:

I’m convinced! What’s next?