The all-inclusive LinkedIn package

In just 4 hours a month, become a brand people know, like, and trust.

Feeling stuck?

You’re a broad-minded business owner stuck in a narrow corner of the universe

You’re ready for fresh faces, new horizons, and an audience that recognizes your expertise. Warming up ice-cold leads isn’t your — or your sales team’s — idea of fun. You could do without all those hours wasted on…

You're ready to grow, but…

You’re ready to uplevel your business. Or are you?

You want to secure that warm, devoted following, but you’re not in the market for major changes. Plus, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 

Even if social media is the way to grow, the learning curve is steep, the stakes are high (your personal reputation), and who has that kind of time? 

But you also know this: sticking to the status quo means never expanding beyond your narrow corner.

What if you could 5, 10, or 100X your following in a few short months, while investing only 60 mins a week or less?

Grow your reach — and your business — with strategic connections, conversations, and collaborations.

Our proven LinkedIn strategy helps you stand out in front of your target audience and other industry leaders. Make genuine connections and leave a mark far beyond your narrow corner.
LinkedIn is the #1
B2B marketing platform

The networking event with 756,000,000 people

Welcome to LinkedIn. The platform with 756 million members (40% of whom are online every single day), and 1 billion monthly interactions (source). 98% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn. So if going global is on your horizon, LinkedIn is the place to be. 


  • 60-minute discovery session to identify your core message, target market, and LinkedIn goals
  • Interviews with 2-3 of your clients (if available)
  • Full research summary
  • 45-minute strategy building session
  • Professional personal + company profiles
  • Custom LinkedIn strategy suited to your goals, industry, and personality


  • Monthly report tracking number of followers + profile views
  • Quarterly 30-minute strategy session to review and update your strategy + targets


  • 5 text posts per week in your voice, covering a range of topics in line with your custom strategy (video package available at additional charge). Replying to comments is included.
  • Weekly 45-minute Zoom session to review 5-7 posts + go through prompts for another 5-7 posts
  • Maximum number of (custom) connection requests per week allowed by LinkedIn
  • Daily nurturing of a list of 15-30 prospects
  • One new, detailed testimonial per month from your clients to post on your profile (if available)


  • Time: 4 hours per month (not-so-fun-fact: this would take you 25-40 hours a month to do on your own)
  • Financial: $4000 for the initial 30-day branding and strategy process (reduced from $7500 when sold as a standalone package); $3500 per month thereafter. No contracts or hidden charges – and you get your 12th month free.
Let’s break it down

How it works

Our simple yet powerful process is designed to maintain every iota of your unique personality and authentic voice.


We don’t just get to know you. We become you.

  • We have a kickoff call to uncover what your brand is all about. You get a custom strategy document detailing your goals, industry, voice, personality, and more.
  • Our expert team sets up your high-performing personal and company pages.
  • We create a detailed, customized brand voice guide, so we can churn out value-rich content that sounds just like you.
  • You get matched with the best-fit copywriter for your brand voice, personality, and communication style.


You’re always moving towards your target. Guaranteed.

  • You get a monthly report by email tracking increased followers and profile views + other relevant metrics.
  • Our process is dynamic. If something isn’t working, we don’t rest until we get to the bottom of it!
  • We meet quarterly for 30 minutes to review results of the past months and update strategy for upcoming months.


One foot in front of the next. Consistency is key.

  • We meet weekly for 45 minutes. You review and approve the current batch of posts and respond to content prompts for the next batch.
  • Your designated copywriter turns your pearls of wisdom into posts that get traction and spark conversation.
  • We post 5 times a week and reply to all comments on your post.
  • We engage with and comment on posts in your feed + connect with key players in your industry and target market. (Every single day.)
  • We nurture 15-30 targeted leads daily.
  • We secure one effective LinkedIn recommendation per month from your clients.


You’re always moving towards your target. Guaranteed.

  • You get a monthly report by email tracking increased followers and profile views + other relevant metrics.
  • Our process is dynamic. If something isn’t working, we don’t rest until we get to the bottom of it!
  • We meet quarterly for 30 minutes to review results of the past months and update strategy for upcoming months.

The Fluex process at a glance


“It’s about not what you know,” they said.
Turns out they were right.

When you’re recognized as the go-to brand in your field, people want to know you, feature you, mention you, and hang out near your table at industry events.

You could spend 40 hours a month praying you’ll see results...
Or you could secure them in just 4.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Joel Freund

Founder & CEO

More than just a founding visionary, Joel plays an active role in running Fluex. His natural knack for leadership combined with his business and marketing know-how make him uniquely suited to his post. He empowers both his staff and clients to become great leaders in their own right. His greatest professional joy? Helping business owners overcome their challenges and become independently successful — he’s proudest when they no longer need him!

Playing music, building communities, and donating kidneys. 🙂

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Rachel Grunbaum

CMO & Growth Strategist

Rachel G. is the mastermind behind all things marketing and growth at Fluex. She constantly seeks out new sales and partnership opportunities while refining and tweaking existing channels. Rachel ensures everything Fluex puts into the world is deeply aligned with the company’s mission and values. Her proudest professional accomplishments are (1) raising over £1,000,000 for charity in her previous role as a grant writer, (2) building her own business from $0 to 6 figures in 18 months using LinkedIn, and (3) being entrusted with the emails of a Forbes-listed corporation with 600,000+ subscribers.

Watching a good history documentary while snacking on Darrell Lea pomegranate-flavored licorice. 😋

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Sury Tauber

COO & “Everythingist”

Sury oversees Fluex’s operations to a tee, from the smallest detail to the largest. With her unique blend of people skills, technical capability, and self-motivation, Sury is the quiet but tireless force tending to the millions of moving pieces and behind-the-scenes aspects of Fluex’s famously efficient operations. It’s her relentless dedication that enables Fluex’s robust roster of employees and contractors to focus single-mindedly on doing their best work and delivering the best possible experience and results to clients.

Reading weekly publications, and listening to Beethoven’s 5th. 🎵

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Rachel Friedlander

Director Of Business Development & Brand Voice Specialist

The multi-talented Rachel F. plays a double role at Fluex: She both leads their business development efforts and manages back-end setup of clients’ LinkedIn accounts – spearheading the research stage, creating unique brand voice guidelines, overseeing profile development, and crafting a personalized LinkedIn strategy for each client. Her secret superpowers include translating industry jargon into understandable human terms and capturing a client’s authentic personality in words. Rachel is also a certified copywriter and Codex Persona brand voice specialist with a decade of experience in the business development industry.

Reading. And writing poetry. And reading some more. 📚

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Shlomo Friedman


A former social media skeptic, Shlomo converted after experiencing tremendous success on LinkedIn with Fluex – before it even had a name! – and soon joined the company as a partner. Shlomo is the big-picture thinker at Fluex, using his extensive business experience and contagious enthusiasm to drive sustainable growth. His passion and vision continue to shape Fluex into an agile, fast-growing, and highly-regarded company that is pioneering a new approach to personal branding for executives.

Traveling, trying new things, or engaged in spirited debate with anyone about anything. 🙂

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