The 4 Ps of successful LinkedIn pitching
Yes, pitching on LinkedIn CAN be successful
How many pitches do you receive every week on LinkedIn? How many do you respond to? How about the other way around – how many pitches do you send every week… and how many get a positive response? At Fluex Media, we book several calls with highly qualified prospects every week directly from outbound messaging.

The secret is answering ‘yes’ to these four Ps:


Is my product a good fit for the company I’m pitching?
Are they likely to need and benefit from my offer?


Am I messaging the right person?
Is this person responsible for the results my product/service delivers?


Is my pitch being sent at the right time, after a nurturing process? (Please don’t pitch immediately after connecting!)  Recommended process: Connect with a custom note > Nurture by engaging insightfully with their content for a few weeks (yes, weeks) > Now you’re ready to…


– The opening sentence

– The statistics

– The benefits

– The social proof

– Open to hearing more?

– Sounds interesting?

– What are your thoughts?

– Am I on the right track?

Run your pitches through this checklist before you hit ‘send.’ It’s not rocket science – just standard prospecting, relationship-building, and sales skills.

Seems like a lot of work? Sorry, no shortcuts to success. 🙂

Good luck!