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Should you like your own posts and comments?


I don’t – for one simple reason. It’s the same reason that informs every single decision about what I do or don’t do on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is like a live networking event.

If I have a question about how to behave on LinkedIn, I think about what I would do in real life.

The other day, one of my connections messaged me wondering why I never like my own content.

Would I give myself a thumbs-up in public? 

Would I give myself a round of applause after successfully delivering a speech?

Would I pat myself on the back after giving someone a valuable reply to a question?   


Obviously, that’s not something that anyone would do.

Is it good for the algorithm to like your own posts and comments?

Who knows? It’s possible but it doesn’t really matter. It’s important to remember that if you won’t do it in public, don’t do it on LinkedIn. This is real life, though it can be so easy to lose the connection to reality when you sit behind the screen. 


You wouldn’t run around at a networking event telling everyone, “I sell XYZ and  I’m the best! Buy from me!”

You wouldn’t heckle a speaker at a seminar because you disagree with something he said. 

You wouldn’t argue out loud at your workplace if there’s a difference of opinion. 


Yet people do this every day on LinkedIn. Some of these behaviors would be comical if it wasn’t so sad.


Take a moment to think about this before you post, like or comment on LinkedIn. 


Would you do or say this at a live networking event? Remember that you are engaging with real people in a public “venue.” 


Happy networking!


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