Why are my posts doing so badly on LinkedIn?

Dr. Rachel’s here to help you give them a new lease of life

It’s so disappointing to put time and thought into creating a post… and then it gets 10 likes and two comments. And I’m truly sorry – refreshing the page doesn’t automatically trigger a flood of likes 🙁

You definitely have valuable content to share, so let’s help more people – and the right people – get to see it.

Here are common symptoms of weak posts:

No matter how valuable and interesting your post is, if your first line doesn’t stop the scroll, your post won’t get read.

Bad opening lines include those that are boring, give away the whole point of the post, or are clearly an advertisement.

The Remedy

Your first line should be either of these:



Invoke curiosity
Address a common pain point for your audience

TIP: Write the body of the post first, and then add a great opening line at the top.

It’s true. Attention spans are shrinking, especially when it comes to social media. Blocks of text are post killers.

The Remedy

– Use plenty white space
– Break up long paragraphs
– Use subheadings for longer posts
– Use simple emojis as bullet points

If you talk about your business’ success every day, we’re going to hate you – because we’re all struggling and you’ve clearly got it all together. Plus, what you’re talking about is probably not relevant to most of us, so we’ll scroll right past.

The remedy Your content needs to be relatable, interesting, and varied so you generate more views and engagement. Here’s the perfect mix – with examples.

Too many posts limp towards the finish line. You want people to engage with your content? Ask them to.

The remedy Your last line should invite discussion – but not ask too much of your audience. Here are some do’s, don’ts, and examples.

No hashtags, 25 hashtags, random hashtags – I’ve seen it all. Hashtags categorize your posts and help them get seen by people who are interested in the topics of your post, so choose them carefully.

The remedy

– Use three popular, relevant hashtags*
– Stack them at the bottom (rather than scattered throughout) for readability
– I recommend ‘camel case’ – for example, #BusinessTips rather than #businesstips or #Businesstips

*You can use more than three, but the algorithm only picks up the first three hashtags in any post, so select those wisely.

We’re all selfish, but LinkedIn is a two-way street. You can’t just focus on your own account and ignore everything else. Engagement is the currency on LinkedIn – it’s how you ‘pay’ for exposure and get more people involved in the conversation.

The remedy

– Engage with the feed for 10 minutes before you put out your own post every day.
– Engage with 15-20 posts every day. Divide this between posts from people in your target market, and posts from popular content creators.
– If you’re too busy to post, keep engaging. Feed the algorithm. And as they say, comments are the new content.

There’s your prescription. If you don’t see any improvement in three weeks, come back to see me again.